Thursday, August 23, 2012

English Camp

Today is Day 4 of English Camp. It didn't turn out quite how I expected it to. For one, I expected to be teaching. Instead, I sit at my desk and occasionally talk to the kids, while my mentor teacher leads the classroom. She didn't tell me what we'd...she'd be teaching. I'd expected to have to develop a lesson plan, or help create one with her. I DID expect to be teaching with her. I knew that much, but it didn't really turn out that way. I suppose I am helping here and there, repeating words with my American accent and helping kids find objects in their Hidden Pictures worksheets. They do word searches too, so I have a chance to speak to the kids about the words they have to find. Then, there are the games after break time. Since class is two hours long, the kids learn words and do worksheets in the first half, and play team games during the second half. Yesterday's groups had names like "London Cupcake," and "Fish & Chips." I wonder what names they'll choose today.

It's been raining all week, which is good I suppose. It means that the classrooms are cool despite the number of people moving around. The school doesn't really have air conditioning. Windows (really, the windows here are amazing. Two layers (panes) and two levels (rows) of sliding windows go across the entire wall) are opened to let in all the air. On a hot day, there can seem like no relief even if the wind is blowing. Always pray for a cool breeze, clouds, or rain if you expect a hot day. So, yes, it feels quite nice in the room today, even though the rain today is cold, windy rain. I wonder what weather the coming days will bring.

I can tell you a little more about the classroom design. One wall facing the outside has windows with one support pillar interrupting the two rows. On this piece of windowless wall, the classroom clock and calender hang. Opposite the windows is another windowed and doored wall. There are two doors into the classroom, one on each end of the wall, and in the middle are some more sliding windows. These windows only lead out to the hallway, but across the hallway are more windows. Opening all these windows on a windy day creates a nice cross breeze that keeps things from being stifling hot.

*Turns around and looks at the classroom TV* ...Are we watching Wallace and Gromit? ...I'm not sure, but the claymation looks familiar. Anywho!

There's one more day of English camp, and then a four day weekend (woo hoo!). On Tuesday, the fall semester will begin. This summer, I learned a lot about going with the flow when teaching. I hope that I can carry it over into the fall semester. It is my goal to grow and grow well as a teacher. I still want to do this job well, even if I don't continue with this career after the school year's end. Since I haven't been too involved with English Camp, I will just take it easy and let the kids talk to me about anything. As long as they can practice their English, I'm doing my job. I want them to be brave and speak whatever words they can while they have the chance.

'Til next time, -Shirby

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