Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Typhoon, typhoon!


A typhoon has come to Korea!

This was my status post on Facebook:
Poor Okinawa! I've experienced some of their typhoons. The island is well-prepared, but they say this typhoon's the strongest they've experienced in 50 years. Now, it's heading to Korea, and even changing the path of the Taiwanese typhoon! It's so strong! ...Actually, hurricanes/typhoons excite me. ^^ BRING IT ON, TYPHOON BOLAVEN! *GAME FACE*

It arrived early this morning (earlier in the southern reaches of the country), and while I can tell the sun is shining brightly behind the thick clouds, a fine and very windy mist of raindrops has been falling the entire time. The wind is warm, very warm. All the people in town were walking as best as they could with their umbrellas, fighting the wind for control. I simply gave up and carried my umbrella at my side. I think it's starting to get damaged from earlier rainy days, and I would rather have a somewhat functional umbrella if the rain gets heavier later on today.

I really has been a long time since I experienced a "typhoon." If we assume that there was one in Okinawa every year I lived there, then the last time I lived through one would be 12 years ago. When I lived in D.C. there were hurricanes that brushed by or swept through. I think they're the same thing, just different names.

...Wow, the wind has picked up. If it's this windy here, I wonder how it feels on the southern coast (and Jeju) where the eye of the storm is nearer....

Anyway, it is Tuesday and I am at school. However, there are no students here. Why? Because of the typhoon warnings. So, why am I here? To be honest, I'm not sure. Another TaLK scholar in my area posted something on Facebook along the lines of, "the teachers have to be here to 'protect the school'." ...Yes, well, that's all well and good. I wasn't expected to work today anyway. Yesterday was some sort of school (only my school) holiday, so I enjoyed a lovely four-day weekend. This week, I don't have to teach (there won't be any after-school programs this week), but I am required to come to school and... prepare for next week? That's fine, too. I really want to get a lot done this week. Personal things, I mean. Like, making videos and posting them on Youtube. It's been ages since I did that. I'm really not turning into the vlogger I intended to be. I think part of it is motivation. I've settled for writing here on Blogger, but I've been filming since I arrived in Korea. What's the point in keeping the videos to myself? I should just post them, editing or no editing! Right?

I also want to study more Korean. Some opportunities have arisen where I have a better chance of speaking Korean on a daily basis. For this reason, I should study more often. I just finished level 2 of TTMIK's lessons, but I know I could be at 4 or 5 by now if I had worked harder. Oh well, that's what this week is for! I'll start today after writing here.

Another thing. I'm not sure if Blogger is erasing all my indentations and new paragraph spacings after I publish, but it seems that way on this school computer. Since I'm in Korea, when I log into Blogger, everything is in Korean. I'm not quite sure if my own view of this blog is a glitch or if it's that way on every computer. I guess I can check when I get home.

Let the work begin!

'Til next time, -Shirby

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