Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Rush

I got up at the usual time this morning. Did the usual things, but still found myself rushing out the door at the last minute. I figured I wouldn't make it in time to my usual bus stop, so I quickly head for the next stop to meet the bus. I reached the main street and could see the bus waiting at the light at the distance. I had one light's-worth of time to cross the street before the bus drove up to the stop. Some middle school boys were casually walking down the sidewalk on the other side. Finally crossed the street and started running to the stop. When I looked back at the boys, one of them was on the ground, clutching his stomach and rolling around. It looked serious, but I couldn't really stop, so I quickly gave him a concerned look before continuing on. Besides, there was an adult a short distance away looking at the commotion. Then one of the boys said, "Hi." I slowed down a bit, waved to him and said, "Hi," back. I The kid on the ground looked around at me and said in English, "Oh, I'm so sick!" I wasn't sure just how much pain he was in. One of the other guys was trying to make him stand up. It looked like he was exaggerating a little bit. I managed an, "Oh no!" and continued running past. They probably thought it was strange, but I couldn't miss the bus. No sooner did I reach the stop that the bus pulled up. I got on and waved to the boys as the bus pulled away. I really just want to laugh at what happened, but I do hope that boy will be ok. 'Til next time, -Shirby

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