Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Much

Wow, I've fallen behind again. Ok, what's happened so far?

I finally found out my schedule for the rest of my time here. Two weekends ago... let's see, what did I do? Ah! Well, I finally rested at home. The weekends before that involved going out of town. Actually, on Sunday, I did go out of town, but not too far way. A friend of my phone friend (he calls him his  "photo friend") invited us over to his sister's house for the afternoon. Actually, this explanation is a little more complicated. My phone friend's girlfriend wanted to practice making cookies (Korean households don't really make a lot of use of ovens, and they don't make a habit of baking cookies. It's more of a luxury thing, like American's making bread from scratch, or a perfect flan on a regular basis). So, I was invited along. There was also a little girl who came along, too. She hadn't met anyone except the girlfriend before. She kept saying everyone was strange, had strange voices, looked strange, and was basically the "only child who looks for attention" kind of child. Still, she wasn't too bad, and even though she was too shy to directly talk to me at first, by the end of the evening we'd read an English pop-up book together.

The house was amazing. The first floor was a super cozy coffee shop, while the upstairs was the actual home. I didn't go upstairs, but I got a really nice view of the downstairs. The husband is an architect, and he built the home (maybe, designed it himself?). My phone friend said, "Take a lot of pictures." I'm not sure why, but I complied. The area was really beautiful. The family also had a pet German Shepherd, who was very sweet. It' been a long time since I interacted with a dog that was taller than my ankle (slight exaggeration. I really don't like small dogs all too much).

Alas, I've been writing this short post all day, and I haven't even finished telling you everything. I will have to go soon, but I'd like to say that I will be writing about a day trip to Daegu, as well as my newest exercise habits. If there's time, I'll also share a ton of random happenings from school.

'Til next time!

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