Friday, February 8, 2013


I just want to say I'm back! I'm back in the States. I will take some time to write about my last week (and final hours) in Korea. I have much to say. I even wrote a little while waiting for the first plane. Those notes will be copied here. I feel like even though my journey in Korea has ended, my writing here hasn't. I still have untold memories and accounts to mention (all in due time).

Meanwhile, it has been two days since I landed in the U.S. Today was the first day in a year that I drove a car. I have many errands to do (including manually adding phone numbers into a new phone, and buying a new laptop). With that in mind, it may take awhile, but I'm dedicated to finishing those stories untold.

There are many projects that I will start once things settle down. One includes "wrecking" a journal (thanks to my friend, Adina). I'd like to film the process. It should be entertaining. I also want to develop my multimedia skills. That means a lot of video editing in my future!

So, yes, even though I've left Korea, I can continue to talk about it. I am keeping in touch with Korean friends via KakaoTalk. I am staying up-to-date on the latest crazes (like that Korean Les Miserables parody video that's viral right now). I can finally play all those smartphone games like Dragon Flight and Anipang (both of which I still suck at playing) on my own phone. Yes, Korea has stolen a piece of my heart it seems. Through troubles and triumphs, I'm glad to come to that conclusion.

More later!

'Til next time,

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