Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pondering Moments

Thanks to the post of a fellow TaLK scholar, I learned that my washing machine has lint pockets. Funny, I still don't know much about the washing machines here in Asia. Once I managed to figure out which buttons would get my clothes cleaned, I stopped inquiring further about it. Now I find out that the washer somehow collects lint as it finishes washing your clothes. Hmm. Well, I noticed those little pockets. Two hanging bags at the rim of the opening. I cleaned them out for the first time. It felt awkward. I really do miss having a dryer, but it's still an interesting experience hanging clothes to dry.  Regarding dishwashers: to this day, I stare at my sink and beg it to become a dishwasher. I can't get into the habit of washing dishes right after using them. Sometimes, I spend so long cooking that the last thing I want to do is wash all those dishes right away. Also, there are so few dishes (one or two of each),  so I MUST clean them in order to use them again... rather than just pull another copy from the cupboard or drawer.

I forgot what else I was going to say. One moment please....

Oh yes! It was about learning Korean:

I feel like, by the time I learn enough Korean to have a decent conversation with native Korean speakers, there won't be anyone left to ask my questions. People are asking me who I am, where I'm from, etc. now in this early stage of being here (yes, it's still early). I haven't been studying on a daily basis. While I am picking up words (randomly) each day, it's not enough to answer all the questions Korean people ask me. When I finally have the answers for them, will they still want to know? Right now, I can't answer people. When I'm finally able to, will there still be people asking me about myself? It's almost frustrating, but also motivational. I hope I can continue to see it as motivational.

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