Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Open Class


Today is Open Class Day for me. What does that mean? It's similar Parent-Teacher day in the States, where parents are invited to the school. However, with an Open Class, parents are invited to sit in class while it's being taught. ...... No pressure!

So, not only is this my first time teaching (this year, this experience), but now I must teach a regular class while the parents watch. I don't know if they'll understand what I'm teaching or saying. I'm not sure how many parents will show up. I'm not sure if my students will show up on time to class (they usually don't). I'm not sure how the students will act if their parents are in the class with them. For instance, they might be quiet, but they might be too quiet and not participate. Hmmm...

So I am thinking about these things and trying not to worry. Honestly, I'm not that afraid about it. I just have to do one class. Some of the other teachers have done much more than that this semester. Of course, they all speak fluent Korean and must interact with the parents outside of these scheduled events.

My Facebook post:
Last night, I had a dream that I failed miserably at it. Scared? No. Those kinds of dreams actually show you how to overcome your obstacles, not tell you it's impossible.

That really does sum it up. I've got God on my side, and I'll do my best today to put my trust in Him and work well with the kids. Besides, my mentor teacher said she'd help me out (especially with formalities) today.

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