Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When You Grow Up...

Sometimes, when I look at the first graders, I can't help but imagine what kind of people they might grow up to be.

The smallest girl in the class is a really good student. She works hard and always follows the rules, yet still plays with her friends well.

One of the boys loves making sound effects. In fact, on  the student roster, I wrote "SFX maker" under his name in order to remember him. He enjoys communicating this way. I wonder if he'll go to college and study the arts and become a director.

A few of the girls can be really sneaky. I think, in the kindest way possible, of their futures. Maybe they'll be advocates or work in PR.

I see some scientists, sports enthusiasts, fashion designers,  and successful businessmen/women in this class.

I imagine one future businessman losing his temper at a board meeting and threatening to cut the salaries of his subordinates. (Maybe that kind of thing wouldn't happen here. What happens when a Korean businessman loses his temper)?

As for the kids whose parents think it's best to dye their kid's hair wine red or light brown (some guys have highlights)... and to pierce their ears (the boys, especially), I suppose they're perfectly capable of becoming movie/music stars.

I wish I could see them all grow up. Every one of them. See what they'll become.

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