Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6th Grade Shenanigans

I made a candy box (decorated it with pictures and words) and filled it with candy my mom sent from home. There's only one opening; it's only big enough to slide your hand in. I put pockets on the sides filled with "easy" and "hard" questions (and some action commands). A student must correctly answer a question on their own to get a surprise candy....

Today, one kid pulled out the slip of paper that said "Sing for 30 seconds."  Dismayed, he begged for 3 seconds. Another kid volunteered to do it and, at my command, started singing the Three Bears song (a Korean song).Despite volunteering, it must've been a little embarrassing for him.  He sang it so fast that there were still about 20 seconds left. The other kids started shouting suggestions for what he should sing, so in 30 seconds he sped through about 3 songs.

Two sixth graders chose the "Dance for 30 seconds" slip of paper. They told me, "We'll do a traditional Korean dance," and swayed their arms back and forth while singing in Korean. A third kid brought them some maracas, which they began using halfway through. Sadly, I did not get this on camera. Maybe next time. XD

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