Friday, July 27, 2012

An Adventure Within an Adventure

XI'm stuck in Seoul on a Thursday night. Hahaha. This could've been avoided, really. Still there are worse situations than sitting in the park across Hongik University at 1AM listening to bongo drums, bells, slightly drunken chatter, and the distant sound of pop music playing from the bars and late-night restaurants that are still open. This is Hongdae for you.

So aside from the unavoidable smell of cigarette smoke, I'm feeling pretty comfortable. I came to Seoul today to meet a friend for dinner. I'd only met this guy once before at an event cslled Seoultube (a social gathering for youutubers living in ir travelling in Korea). Since I live so far away from Seoul, it's not eady to mert up with friends that I've made here. Well, actually, other people manage just fine, but sin ce I'm not into drinking, my reasins for hanging out for a few hours every weekend would become super limited. So we agreed to have dinner together. It was agreed that we meetup at a coffee shop and head to a restaurant together. As it turned out, the coffee shop was the location of Languagecast, a social gathering of bi-/multilingual kanguage enthusiasts. I had wanted to attend their meetings,despite them being held in Seoul, but even the times are inconvenient for me. Alas, this being my vacation week, I found myself attending a meeting for the first timr. I ended up meeting more people thsn just my French friend, and five of us all went out to dinner at a really nice itakian restaurant. After dinner, I looked at the time and noticed that I'd be missing the last train of the night back home. Earlier plans to get a room at a hostel had been scrapped due to my own failures with technology (which can be discussed later). So I half-heartedly tried to find a bus to take back to Jecheon, walked around for a bit and realized I didn't know what I was doing, then rode the subway all the way across Seoul in the final minutes before the subway shut down for the night.

I'm writing all this from my e-book so please excuse any typos. I'll have to type up a mre complete story when I get in front of a computer. Only four and a half more hours until the trains are up and running again. The I can catch the first train back home a snooze the morning away. Haha, sounds like a good plan. Anyway, I owe you a better, detailed account of thhis outing. I just thought I'd get some of it down now while it's fresh. Now, it is time to find outif the singing I'm hearing is live or feom some really lound speakers. Beware wasted people.

Til next time,

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