Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ninja Buses of Korea

It should be mentioned, even if just once, briefly.

You can't hear them coming. All you see is them passing by. You can smell the exhaust and feel the wind as the bus drives by, but that's it. Every other motor vehicle that passes by sounds like how the bus should sound. It's quite disturbing at times. So, maybe the buses are ventriloquists as well. I'm forced to stare into the sunny horizon, too afraid to take my eyes away from the road in case I miss the bus. It is my utmost duty to catch the bus driver's eye and make sure he picks me up. ...Especially at the bus stop by my school. Huge dump trucks take pleasure in parking in the bus lane, blocking me from view from the road. I have to spot the bus in the distance, and walk up to the road in order to be seen.

Honestly, they have a sound, but with the dump trucks and small Tacoma-sized vehicles sounding like buses themselves, it's really hard to know without looking. They really are hard to hear coming.

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