Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My laptop is broken. Since last Friday, the screen stopped working.

This means that I am unusually bored at home. I have therefore taken "extreme" measures to prevent such feelings from happening. I've pulled out the sketchbook I bought a few months ago, and have been steadily filling its pages. Last Sunday I spent several hours at two different coffee shops. I guess I'll be spending a lot more money at these places. Oh, and I can't film anything anymore, because I'd have no way to take the files of my camcorder. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

Without my laptop, I can't browse the internet at home anymore. I can't listen to songs outside my iPod  and e-reader playists. (Actually, my iPod's dead, and I haven't yet taken it to school to recharge it). I can't check my Hotmail account (!) because Hotmail is blocked at school. I luckily had one email from my mom saved in my Gmail account, so I didn't have to think too hard about what her address was. I don't know what's happening with the Jecheonians once I leave school and head home, whether they're planning a last-minute dinner, or scheduling a group outing over the weekend (if it's a Friday). ... Ok, that's not so much a problem since I don't usually hang out with them anyways. Still, things become a bit more of a hassle without easy access.

--Aah, well this isn't how I wanted to write all this down, but the classroom is really distracting right now. The boys are in the back acting out ways to fake out someone in mid-punch, and everyone else is just shouting and running around the room, or giggling with classmates across the room. I'll try again.---

Yeah, so I can't check my usual email or talk to my mom over the weekend. It's harder to find out about events (I don't even have KakaoTalk anymore. Sadness T_T ). I'm really thankful that I have any music at all to listen to. My room is small, and I'm sure that long periods of time in that quiet, small room would lead to some sort of minor madness. I should never be alone for too long with my worrisome thoughts.

After having to create a dance for the first and second graders'  festival performance, I figured I'd try seeing what else I could make a dance for. Choreography  is kind of fun, but I think I'll give the professionals credit for having such a huge dance move library stored in their brain. I've also been learning the words to another Korean song. TVXQ's Catch Me is quite... catchy. I printed out the lyrics during work yesterday, so now I can practice at home (I don't have the song file, but I've memorized the tune).

I plan to visit one of the universities this week as well and check out their library. I just want a place to sit for long periods of time and write or draw. If not the library, I'd have to spend hours in a coffee shop. Not that that's a bad thing, but I'd probably have to do it every day (or every other day). I really want to get out of my room until it's close to bed time. If I get too cozy at home and it's only 6 PM, I might fall asleep. It would suck to wake up at 3 AM every night because I took an evening nap.

Here's to a future of changes. My habits, lifestyle, etc. will all surely change drastically with this latest development. I might start to hang out with more people during the week. I might spend more money per week on Green Tea Lattes and Hot Chocolate. I might run into new people and find new hangouts. Why, just yesterday, I ran into a friend whom I hadn't seen in (probably) a month or two, just because we work and live on different sides of town, and I'd usually be at home during the time we ran into each other. Hmm, not to say that I didn't get out much, but it sure smells like a new beginning. The only trick is battling this new cold weather. Where's that scarf?

'Til next time,

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