Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Show & Tell

You know, I'd learn a whole lot more Korean if my desk wasn't right underneath the TV. Instead, I can only listen to the first graders recite things I can't hope to comprehend without a visual aid. Oh well. On the plus side, I'd probably just be studying with them instead of getting work done. Still, sometimes the TV is turned up to high during their educational songs and videos and it's hard to focus anyway.

I brought my mom to school today. Let's see how it goes. Unfortunately, the 6th graders are on a 3-day field trip. It sucks because one of them (the one I wrote about before, the one who's mom was in the hospital) really wanted to meet my mom. I had no idea they'd be gone today. Well, I was informed about them going on a trip, but I didn't know it'd be today. Oh well. Maybe I can tell him to meet us at Lotteria or something. At least his sister gets to meet my mom.

My mom got mobbed by the first graders, but now they are focusing on their work. I think that later they will go back to mobbing her. Especially when she pulls out the candy she brought them. More later.

'Til next time,

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