Wednesday, October 24, 2012


MT is too preoccupied to realize that one of the girls is crying. I call over one of her friends who is walking by.
"Dan Bi, why is Hye Jin sad?"
"Jo Ju Young," she says. I stare their way, and watch the two arguing. The boy holds up a piece of stationary paper, waves it at her, then pulls it back. In the next few minutes (and thanks to Dan Bi's account about what happened), I can tell what has happened. I tell her to go sit down, and call over Ju Young.
"Why's Hye Jin sad?" I ask him.
"Shannon, Ye Jin no. Shin HYE Jin."
 ...-_-... "Why's HYE JIN sad?" I ask, a bit louder. Then he proceeds to describe some arm wrestling battle that happened between Dan Bi and Hye Jin. Dan Bi walks over and starts telling him off. Then Hye Jin and a bunch of other kids walk over. The paper appears, and I point to it.
"Ju Young, what's this? Whose is it? Hye Jin's?"  He says no. I ask him if it's his. He says no. Then, he reenacts finding it on the floor and picking it up. Another girl disappears for a bit, then returns with her Hello Kitty Stationary book. Dan Bi and Hye Jin explain (with charades) that Seong Ju gave it to Hye Jin.

Dan Bi points to the paper in Ju Young's hand, and the paper gets ripped in their squabble. At this point, I'm thinking, "Well, whatever. Don't make a girl cry." Seong Ju gives Hye Jin a new piece of paper. I demand the ripped paper. I say, "Hye Jin, be careful. Keep it," and pet the paper and hold it to me. She nods. To Ju Young, I solemnly tell him, "Be good."  He doesn't understand this phrase, but know's my look. At this point, a second wave of students comes running to my desk, shouting and laughing, so I shoo the first group away and prepare my defenses. I'm busy writing in this blog.

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