Monday, January 14, 2013

Growing Up

I'm sitting at my desk. I hear the squeaky voice of a 6th grader I know in the stairwell. Why is he here, I think. Then more voices pour down from the upstairs classrooms and into the stairwell. Why are all the 6th graders here so suddenly?

Awww. The sixth graders are going to a middle school today. I don't (of course) have all the details, but it sounds like some sort of field trip. I week or so ago, one 6th grader told me that they would all find out which middle school they'll be going to on some day in January. Perhaps this is that day. But it seems strange for them to all be meeting at school in order to visit their future middle schools. Maybe it's like a shuttle service provided by the elementary school. Hmm. I'll have to ask when they come back.

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