Friday, January 11, 2013

Pain Is Gain?

Dear trainer,

Just because I'm not sweating buckets does not mean that I'm not sweating. 있어! 있어! It's there, I promise!

Dear reader,
I have decided that ab workouts are not worth the pain. They just aren't. Period. As we speak, I am coughing and can feel my stomach muscles twinge with soreness at every cough.

Dear trainer,
I applaud you for learning an English phrase to say to me the next time you see me. I, too, should learn some new Korean phrases to say to you.

Dear reader,
Haha, he told me he had practiced some English. I said, "Ok," and waited for him to speak. "Do work out?" he asked.  I smiled. He asked in Korean if I understood. "Yes!" I told him, and answered him. Then I told him he did a good job, and he walked away very proud of himself.

My phone friend gave me the heads up, actually. It seems that the trainer will consult with my phone friend (or the other Korean friend who now joins us at the gym from time to time) before coming to talk to me. On the treadmill my friend tells me what the trainer has told him. "He told me he learned a new phrase. He wants to practice English."  Oh really? I wait. It happens.

I'm thinking that it must be a little frustrating not being able to speak to me so easily. The trainer, who makes an effort to get to know all the members very well and give help when needed, can talk to the others so easily. Yet, to talk to me requires studying and the help of a translator. Yeah, sorry dude.

Anyways, I have signed up for another month of gym so that: we can become good friends; I can exercise as much as possible while here (I probably won't once I return home. I know it already); I can continue to support my other friends as they work out; I won't be absolutely bored at home.

A healthy body will probably help me fight off this sore throat that the stupid winter air has bestowed upon me. Oh, but the one downside to making new friends at this point in time is that I'll be leaving soon. :(

'Til next time,

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