Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening at the phone shop. Between helping customers, counting money in Korean, taking turns drawing in my sketchbook, and lots of other mini random conversations, one of the guys asked me which movie inspired me. Later that night, I wrote this short passage in my sketchbook:

They asked me what movie moved me the most. I knew the answer instantly, but tried to think of another, and hide my original thought. Eventually, I cam clean. I couldn't think of anything else, anyway. Not too quickly. The answer? Kiki's Delivery Service.
They got the answer (part of it) in a roundabout way. It's a cartoon, I told them. By Studio Ghibli. From Hayao Miyazaki. I explained to them that the particular movie has been more inspiring to me than it will probably be to anyone I show it to. It was moving when I first watched it (around 7 or 8 years old) and, to this day, the same inspiration can be found. I only have to watch a small scene or hear part of a song, and my soul knows.
...So then I came across the ending theme song hidden on my e-reader. (A gift to myself? I was/am so happy)! I started thinking about the movie, and I realized something profound. I remembered that Kiki was on a year-long trip away from home in order to complete her training (to become a witch). So, then I asked myself: Am I on Kiki's trip, following her path? Is this my trip away from home, my year of training? At the end of the year, will I have "become a witch"? Will I have earned my title... whatever it is? What's my skill?
Right now, that last question seems like the most important one. What skill will I take home with me?
I want to write Miyazaki a letter asking what happens to Kiki after her year. Maybe it's cheating, but I'm curious about what he might answer. 
I should mention: My friend (who asked me this question first) told me the movie that moved him was Braveheart.

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