Thursday, November 29, 2012

Message From The Past

Last night I was looking through some paperwork that I'd brought with me to Korea. In between the various pages, I found a journal entry from orientation that I'd written but never posted online. Here it is, from February 14, 2012.
(I'll do my best to type word-for-word).

Valentines Day:
The day went pretty well overall. Still getting used to full days of lectures (even the 2 hour ones). I was, overall, happy when the day started, but as it progressed my mood began to change. At lunch, the cafeteria surprised us with choco-dipped waffles.  They were pretty tasty, and a nice, thoughtful treat to all of us scholars. As I ate, I saw some people (girls) sitting with choco-boxes beside their trays. This, I hought, was neat, but I wondered if they had signif others here close by. By dinner, I'd see girls dressed fancy, as if going on an evening date, and everyone (girls, at least) seemed to be disappointed that there would be no second dessert. By this point in time, I was feeling moody. I remember when celebrating Val-day simply meant sharing choco/candy/cards w/ everyone. As adults there's hardly a requirement to do so. It might even seem awkward to some. Val-day, as one of my dinner-mates pointed out, has become singles-awareness day. Very unfair. I long for simplicity of group-sharings, and so that evening my mood was quite sour. I wanted to go for a walk. Get some fresh air. Everyone was already out, or in optional evening classes, unavailable to help me escape my emotions. I went to the piano room and tried playing Namikaze Satellite (among other tunes) but my impending self-awareness prevented any consistent, pleasant tunage. This being frustrating, I turned to roaming to my room, to the hallway, etc. until I finally gave in and went to Nurse Linda's office. Her son, Optimus Prime was there as usual, having an unusually bad day (due to impending rise in [body] temperature... possibly getting sick), but he let me play with his legos and help him build things (he did the building. I was only allowed to pass blocks). One of the last things that happened before it was time to go was that O.P. gave me some choco treats. It was prob at the request of his mother at first, but O.P. sat w/ me and had his [own] choco treat. We took bites one at a time and compared the sizes in b/t [each interval... like a science experiment lol] . He let me have some of his own and I shared mine... and then I realized that this little boy had just given me the kind of Val gift I wanted. Needed. It is truly a Val-day that I will have to remember, and be thankful for. With all my heart I love the gift God and O.P gave me that day. Needless to say, there was a smile on my face the rest of the evening.
Ok, I know. A little sappy at the end, but seriously. I was able to have the kind of honest, friendly moment I wanted to that day.... ...and O.P. probably forgot about not feeling well with someone there to play with and help distract him from an oncoming fever.

'Til next time,

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