Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minor Details

My computer... somehow... deleted my TaLK essay as I was typing it. It deleted the file and closed Microsoft Word. While I would like to correct my computer from every doing that again, I am prevented from doing so as it operates in Korean. If only I could remember all those buttons I memorized way back when. Then I wouldn't need to double check my actions by reading the words in each prompt. Well, despite my essay being forever lost, writing it helped me realize some things. I  might end up writing about the topic here in this blog, but in less words, of course.

Did I tell you that I haven't seen my 5/6 grade students in a million years? Well, my MT took the time to notice that I was browsing the web instead of teaching an empty class. She made a phone call, and the next day one 5th grader showed up. After that day, it was back to usual: no students. One of the 6th graders told me that he and the other get told to stay in class and study, or go home and study, rather than come to my class. I say, what am I hear for? Plus, how will I become a better 5/6 grade teacher if the students don't show up?

Well, it's time to catch the bus.

'Til next time,

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