Thursday, April 26, 2012

Be Prepared

Everyone in my school is sitting in their classrooms watching a video about natural disasters. A fellow TaLK scholar on Facebook mentioned something about a nationwide earthquake drill at 2 PM. It'll be that time in 30 minutes. The first graders are, in general, interested about this topic. Most of them are reacting to the video, but this video is possibly too long for their attention spans. It's also probably too exciting for them. They keep talking amongst themselves even though they're suppose to be paying attention to this video. I'm wondering if my afternoon 2 PM class will be cancelled. My mentor teacher hasn't really told me anything yet, but she did ask me who I'm teaching today and that's got me suspicious.

I remember watching these kinds of videos and doing natural disaster drills at all the schools I went to when I was their age.

*Peeks at the TV behind me* Oh, they're talking about CPR now. The dummy interested the kids, but they're definitely not going to remember the steps if they keep talking....

Ah, well now I'm interested in earthquakes again. I feel like watching a documentary or something. Actually, it's got me thinking about how many natural disasters I've lived through.... How many have you lived through?

Certainly, when most people think about natural disasters, they only consider those that have fatal results. However, natural disasters happen so often that it might be easy to feel jaded about their severity, or overlook ones own experience because it didn't make international news.

Well, it's certainly got me thinking....

...And now my mentor teacher is holding keys in her hand and talking to the students about something. I wonder what's going to happen on this windy day.

'Til next time,

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