Friday, April 6, 2012


You know when irony and fate decide to join forces and laugh in your face? This is one of those mornings.

It's not even that big a deal, really, but I'm upset enough to write about it so here goes.

I lost my scarf. I just bought this scarf last weekend. It is amazing in that it goes with almost all my clothing, and will save me from many potential "wardrobe malfunctions." No, I'm not talking about people showing breasts; more like the area ranging from the collar bone to the beginning of cleavage.

In Korea, there is an interesting dress code for women at work. That area I mentioned above, it should not be shown. In a worst case scenario, it is the equivalent of dressing up in a sexy outfit and for a professional business meeting. Without fail, one can see women walking the streets with shirt collars that never dip below their shoulders... or else wearing scarves that will be kept on all day (unless, by chance, their dress code gives considerable leniency). It is looked down upon to bare so much chest. On the other hand, showing as much leg as you want (no matter what the temperature outside) is much more acceptable. If I find that comic that explains this perfectly, I'll add it to this post.

At my school, this rule is in effect. I have seen teachers wearing short(-ish) dresses (with stockings) but completely covering the space between chest and neck. I've successfully avoided any offensive dressing (I hope) by wearing this sleevless sweater over any shirt I have on. Oh... it's also more acceptable to have arms covered too... I'll talk about that another day.

There is nothing more discouraging than packing up for a long stay half way across the world, and being told this dress code during orientation lectures, and realizing that more than half the stuff you packed may be deemed too casual for work. I'm someone who doesn't really like wearing low-cut shirts anyways. This system doesn't upset me too much. Seriously though, I only have two turtleneck outfits. All the rest are shirts that, while  fancy and business-like, are probably unacceptable without a scarf or sweater.

I was getting dressed today, putting on one such shirt because, hey, I have that new scarf to cover up the slight dip in the collar. Then I was searching for this scarf, knowing that there are only so many hiding places for it in this small apartment. Nowhere to be found. Where could it be? Honestly, it could be on a bus, at school, or at that GS25 I went to yesterday. The bigger issue is will I ever see it again? Will I get it back? I dislike losing money so quickly.

The only other scarf I have is this thick, fluffy black boa... not like those obnoxious feathery ones you find at Claires, but still long and big enough to look ridiculous if I'm indoors without a coat on.

Time to go to school. -__-'    'Til next time,


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