Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chinese Food

This is a bit of a random post.

Do any of you remember this song/video?

I've been reading a lot of Chinese restaurant signs around town, as well as the advertisements in the restaurant directories that get left on my door. I kept noticing the words "ban jum" in the names or titles. Without fail, this song would start playing in my head. Even before I had any good knowledge of Korea, I remember seeing this video and "memorizing" the words and dance. I had no idea what they were singing, even after looking up the translation on someone's website. ...But this week it finally clicked. Oh, they really ARE singing about a Chinese restaurant! Another small language barrier has been overcome! Yayyy!

Just imagine some rapper from Texas singing about Whataburger, and some foreigner who knows very little English loves this song but has no idea what Whataburger is.  Then, they somehow visit Texas and see Whataburger, and it all just clicks.

... Oh, maybe not the best example, but you understand now. I am forever amused. Ah, if only I knew how to order takeout. Then I could order and play this song while eating. XD

'Til next time


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