Tuesday, April 10, 2012

-_- ... *sigh* Oh, Korea!

Curse you, uneven sidewalks!

I don't know how the Korean women do it!!! In their attempts to look their best, many of these young ladies strut the streets in crazy tall high heels. My issue with this: How are are they able to walk.... on the sidewalks? The sidewalks here are paved (or bricked) like rolling hills. The ground isn't usually leveled and dips are rampant. Unless walking at a leisurely pace, I spend most of my journey on foot looking at the ground. It's safer that way....

While we're on the subject of sidewalks, there's something I feel I have to mention. Korea sometimes looks dirty (it doesn't matter where you are). There's the beauty of natural scenery, of a fantastically designed building, and then there's the obvious drabness that you can't help but notice. It's easy to focus on one or the other, especially if you have an imaginative mind. On a trip down an alleyway, the buildings can either look dirty and grimy, or they can have a mysterious story behind them. They can be the secluded shortcut of a pensive young woman.... See?

Well, a lot of times- perhaps, because it's OK- it's easy to come across puke stains or spit. Spitting (loudly and with much effort)  is a popular occurrence. The puke is from the many drinkers who find themselves walking home after a good night at a restaurant. This is another reason why I watch the sidewalks as I walk.

Finally, I should mention the flyers. I noticed this a lot in Seoul, but I guess it happens all around Korea. There are people whose job it is to pass out flyers and advertisements to people on the street. I've seen people pass them out, drop them (in a sweeping manner) on the ground as they walk down the street, or throw them out of car windows as the car drives among the walking people. Needless to say, there are always flyers littering populated areas of town. Even though this happens, it's interesting to see nearby shop owners coming outside with their brooms to sweep up the mess. There are always people (not designated people, just people) cleaning up the area. It's kinda strange but nice.

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