Thursday, April 5, 2012


Man, I forgot how embarrassing haircuts could be for people. I feel like I'm truly growing up with these kids. Already, a third boy has shown up with a haircut. The first time one of the first graders came to school with shorter hair, one of his classmates made fun of him. It didn't help that he was wearing a hat in an attempt to cover it up. It seems to be universal, showing up at school looking "drastically" different, and possibly getting teased. Luckily for the first graders, they will learn that it's perfectly normal and not so embarrassing because about half of their classmates will have to experience the same situation before the school year ends.

By now, you're wondering why I named this post "Exercise" when I'm talking about hair. Well, I had to mention the hair. Mission complete. Right now, I'm watching the first graders follow this exercise video. The music is very asian-like, and the moves are very martial arts-like.

( ...Oh, they just asked the teacher "One more time!" in English! Hahaha...!)

My mentor teacher plays this video about three times each day, this same video. I think by the end of next week, they should know it without looking at the video. Without adult supervision, about half the class does the moves the first time. The numbers dwindle significantly if the teacher isn't around, and the kids start running around the classroom and into the hallways, shouting things, sliding across the floor, and having a jolly good time.

Last week, I came into the classroom and the teacher wasn't there. I took the opportunity to follow the video with them. They got all excited, wondering why I was doing the dances, just how I was doing the moves, and either running up to exercise with me or show me the proper way to do things. I sat down after the first runthrough and recorded them the second and third time. I should record them next week, since they've gotten much better and remember more moves.

(Hahah, they're all working so hard at this exercise, shouting during the parts with kicks and punches. The ones who've done the exercise three times in a row quickly take off their coats and run back to join the others).

This week, my mentor teacher stayed in the classroom and exercised with them. This got them all super excited, and about 98% of the class participated in the dance. Yesterday I joined them all again for half a runthrough. I haven't asked yet, but I'm wondering why she's having them do this same exercise video three over and over each day. My suspicions include them performing in front of the school. This suspicion alone has me wary of learning the entire exercise video with them. I might be asked to perform with them! -_-'

While the kids are doing the exercise, there are some parts that they absolutely look forward to. It is during these parts (kicks, punches, chops) that you can easily find out who's taking taekwondo. In one part of the video there's a series of four kicks. These kids put their shoes on half way so they can send them flying across the room. It's so funny (and dangerous) to watch.

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