Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classroom Happenings

How many first graders does it to use a vacuum? 8. It takes 8. Two to navigate the hose, three to follow behind pushing the body, and three to handle the cord. Of course, by handle the cord I mean alternatively plug and unplug the cord and walk around the many objects that it has gotten wrapped around. Rather than lift the cord above the desktops, these kids would unplug the cord and walk through the aisles until there was enough slack to plug it back in again.

Though, they almost didn't do this. Earlier, as the cord was being stretched to its limits and threatening to fly out of the socket, I got up and tried telling them to lift the cord over the desk. My mentor teacher was sitting there, but I don't think she'd yet noticed the danger they were creating by being helpful lol. When she saw me jump up a second time to shout English words at them (Stop! Wait! Go this way! The cord!), she finally assessed the situation and told them to be careful with the cord. Actually, I'm not quite sure what she said to them, but after that, 3 of the 6 kids helping to push the body through the aisles moved over to the cord. Using their current methods, they continuously unplugged the vacuum everytime it went to far for the cord to reach, walked through and around the desks until the cord regained slack, and then plugged in the vacuum again. Although this eventually led to some arguments (I think the kids started fighting over when to unplug it, and who would do the job), I decided to leave them at it.

Recently, the classroom has become home to many potted plants.The kids take turns filling up watering cans and watering all the plants. There's almost always a puddle on the floor while this is happening, but I applaud their efforts.

Today, two or three kids practiced asking me for things. They always want the scrap paper on my desk for drawing or folding. While in the middle of folding a sheet of paper into a book, one girl walked up and asked me to show her how to do it. I showed her, trying to remember to speak simple words rather than just use actions or say too much. Others walked up during this time and either started copying or just watching. When it was time to use the scissors, she and some of the others repeated the word. After making the book, this girl and another girl repeatedly came up to my desk asking to borrow tape and scissors in English. After, they'd say "Thank You."  It made me happy to have them practice their English with me.

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