Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Aww crud.

Today was kind of rough. The ending, I mean. Those pesky fourth graders....

One kid, the boy in this class who always answers my questions, thought I was being unfair about a game and walked out of class.  I was so confused during the ordeal, and I eventually just cancelled the game and dismissed everyone (half of team one walked out with him anyways). What happened? My mentor teacher briefly said, "miscommunication" before going back to whatever was on her screen.

The girls explained it to her, and she explained it to me. Maybe he thought I was unfair for calling on the girls two times in a row during the game. Truth be told, they DID raise their hands first, and when I asked the next question hardly anyone was listening to me anyway (Bad teacher, shannon... yeah yeah save it for later).

I told them at the beginning that we could play a game, but by the last 10 mins of class, decided that playing the game might be the only way the lesson would stick in their heads. I fought for their attention the entire class period. I moved one kid to a different spot. All the students kept talking to each other, hitting, throwing things, and forgetting to respond to my questions.

So, when it came time to play this game. They perked up a bit and tuned in. Two teams, I said. Boys and girls, one kid suggested. I agreed. Then I began to explain the game and the listening audience became 2/9 again. ...Sometimes it's just best to jump into the game and correct mistakes as you go along. I tried this. I asked the question. People shouted answers. I said, raise your hand! and had them start over again. The girls raised their hands first. They got the point. Second question. Oh, and the girls raise their hands first again, only a second faster than the one boy who was listening. Sorry boy, but unfortunately, I will have to call on the girls for this question. Maybe they'll get it wrong and you can answer it? Either way, you'll surely be the fastest on another question. Oh, but he did not agree.

This is when he went back to conversing with his friends. Then he shot up, grabbed his bag and left the classroom.

So, I was unfair because I did not call on him for the second question. Forgive me. How rude of me.


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