Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The First Graders...

They are a hyper-active, friendly bunch. They like to be loud and think everything should be done with lots of vivid movements.

They have cellphones.

Why, oh why, do some of them have cellphones? To talk to their parents if they don't come home right away? Sure. To take silly pictures of their friends during free time?  Occasionally. To listen to music and play games after school? Definitely.

It's just funny seeing FIRST GRADERS with cellphones. I now fully understand that statistic (that I'm vaguely quoting) about >97% of Korea being "connected" via cellphone.

What else about them. Hmmm....

Oh! They like to break out in song. Yes, at least once every day. You see, I sit in the first grade class each day because (1) that is where my desk is, and (2) my mentor teacher teaches these kids all day. >>Side note: At my school, there is one class per grade.<<

More later. 'Til next time,


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