Thursday, March 29, 2012

Facebook Status Updates(FBSU) With Commentary

The bus is late and I'm thinking I missed it even thought I was 10 mins early, thinking stupid bus. Stupid Bus. STUPID BUS! but I keep waiting. About 15 mins later, the bus appears on the horizon, and I can already see from that distance just how packed it is. Oh, that's why it was late.... stupid bus. I love you anways for stopping to let me on.

Lately, the bus has been arriving at different times. It's frustrating, but one positive note is that I get to learn to be early rather than on time. Such a situation is one I usually dream of rather than live. In the past week, the bus has been coming at random early times, but yesterday was the first time I caught the bus later than it was suppose to arrive.

Note, my friend Gabbi suggested that I collect my Facebook statuses into a journal. Instead of creating a new one, I'll post them here under that lovely new title!

'Til next time,

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