Friday, March 16, 2012

The Youngest Talker & a Bus Ride (tales from the past)

My first graders have cellphones!  Why do they have cellphones?!?!

Day 2 of taking the bus to school. Yesterday was a major fail getting to and from school, even though I managed to get back home by bus. Today's journey included only the smallest excusable fail because even though I missed the bus I was planning on taking, I DID arrive at school on time.

Today's journey included a very helpful ajumma (아줌마) who not only told me (in full Korean) what buses I should take, but also pushed the "stop the bus" button for me when my stop drew near.  While on the bus, two high school (?) boys saw me and overheard my conversation with the older lady. I guess they were determined or brave because one prodded the other into talking to me. I'm not sure what the lady thought of this, but she decided to include herself in the conversation and explained to them that I was a teacher at so'n'so elementary school. Then, they confirmed this by asking me in English. One of the boys asked me if I knew any Korean (I said "no," because I keep forgetting the phrase for "I know a little Korean.") and then they kind of gave up (maybe at the limits of their English?) and talked quickly among themselves.

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