Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ah, it's good to be back here *stretches out fingers*.  Well, how are you?

Yeah? Hmm, well, let me tell you how I am right now:

When I realized there would be little or no time to come here and post my daily adventures, I started jotting down thoughts on paper. I'm pretty good at keeping up with random pieces of paper (I like to write whenever an idea hits me), but then I noticed another piece of technology at my disposal.

My Next7P e-book reader.


I installed a notepad on it and began typing away while at school or waiting somewhere. It was easy to pull out and I didn't need to have a flat surface or a writing utensil in order to spew a paragraph or two onto the page. It totally worked out. Plus, I knew I would just transfer the text to my computer and c/p it all here so you that could read it!!! Thoughtful and smart, eh!?


Today, I plugged my e-book reader into the computer at school. It started freezing (a rare occurrence until now), and I tried to restart/shutdown/disconnect ... you name it... I wanted to put away the Next7p.

What I should not have done was press the "disconnect" button on the e-book reader before it truly disconnected from the computer. The screen flipped out and delayed... and then it went off. ... and then when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't.

I told my students, "Today, I am sad. My... *holds up the device, spends 3 mins trying to explain what it is*.. it's broken." They briefly shared my sadness, and then we began with the lesson.

Well, it's sitting in my backpack. I want to plug it in and see if anything happens. I hope that SOMETHING will happen. Because that's better than it being completely fried. I hope it works.... I'll let you know.

And all those short blog posts I created, well, I hope they can be saved. Or that I can remember all that I typed.

'Til next time,


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