Monday, March 19, 2012

Famous People At School

Lee Min Ho goes to my school!!!

My fangirl friend would be soooo jealous....  Maybe....

Ok, ok. Not this Lee Min Ho.

Another one.

Last Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to meet Lee  Min Ho.  He is a student at my elementary school, and I will assume that he is very friendly.  He didn't seem to hate me for bringing up Boys Over Flowers. I was in the teacher's lounge making copies when many of the upper-grade students started coming back from lunch.  The "entry wall" of the teacher's lounge is such that there is a door, and several face-level windows that can slide open. If they noticed me in the room, they would group around one window and say English things to me. One such person was this student, Lee Min Ho.  He (and his friends) would open the window and shout, "HELLO!" Then, they'd close the window, think of something else to say, and open it again to shout the new message.  He told (shouted) me his name, which I repeated back in a question. He said (shouted) yes, and then his friends took their turn saying English things to me.  It took quite a while to dawn on me the significance of his name.  After making copies, I walked down the hallways and asked some of the other students where he was.They helped me find him, and I tried my best to tell him that his name was like the guy who played in the Korean drama.  I tried this in English.  It was hard.  Luckily, a group of girls had joined the conversation, and a lightbulb went off in their heads. They conveyed the message to him in Korean, and then all the nearby students started talking about the famous Lee's hottness, etc.

I'm not sure if I embarrassed him; I didn't mean to, but you see, now, I will certainly remember his name.  I hope he will not stop talking to me. ><    XD

'Til next time,


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