Friday, March 23, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain pt.1

I really don't know where my umbrella went. Maybe I left it in one of those umbrella stands in a restaurant. (They're very considerate, the Korean buildings here... ok not the buildings being considerate, but the people working in them... the businesses... you get it? I can stop? Ok.) A lot of businesses have little umbrella... "boxes" where you can put your wet umbrella, go do what you need to do, and not have to worry about it being stolen. (I don't think umbrella "boxes" are very common in the U.S.). I think mine is waiting for me at some forgotten spot in this city. It will have to wait a little longer. I really thought it made it home with me. After a week of not needing it, I began to wonder why it never appeared when I cleaned my room. I looked at the weather forecast last night. Rain. Cold. Lots of it this weekend. Braving the rain in a coat alone is fine until the wind picks up or drops in bucketfuls.

I ended up buying an umbrella from Family Mart (a convenience store) this morning. Walking around in the rain, looking for a place to buy a small chocolate gift made it necessary. I have decided that this new umbrella is the sibling of my first umbrella. Nope, I have not lost hope. Hopefully, I will come across the old one and we will have a short, tearful reunion and I will carry it home in my arms where it can meet its new brother/sister umbrella. I hope that the old umbrella will not think unkindly of me for buying a sibling umbrella in order to stay nice and dry. (It REALLY came in handy. After buying choco, I stood out in the rain for at least 30 mins waiting for a bus that never came). I hope that the old and new umbrella can get along and fight over who gets to rest at home while the other has to go to work.

To be continued,


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