Friday, March 16, 2012

It Lives!!!!!

Aahh, happiness.

My ebook reader is alive and well. There was a hiccup (hiccough?) with it disconnecting from the computer properly, but there was also the simplicity of it running out of battery. In short, my posts will increase by 8 today. When I post them, I will post them on the day that they were written. I will also mark the titles like this:

(tales from the past)

Thanks for your patience! Here goes! Oh, and the days that this applies to are:
March 4 '12
March 6 '12
March 7 '12
March 12 '12
March 16 '12

......Ahh, hungry, so hungry...

**Update: Ah so my ereader did not save the original date. Instead, it changes the date to the most recent one everytime I open up the file. Oh wells!

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