Friday, March 23, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain pt. 2

Why was I waiting in the rain? Ok:

I woke up early to go buy a small gift for my mentor teacher and her family. I planned to go buy the gift (and an umbrella if the rain got to hard) a.s.a.p. and then head over to the bus stop. Trouble! I decided to write a blog post here and left 15 mins later than originally planned. No problem. I know the bus's route. I can walk in that direction and get picked up at one of the other bus stops. Woot, problem solved, back on track! Oh, but the store I wanted to go to (Lotte Mart) wasn't open yet. Well, that's poo. I need it to be open now so that I can get to the bus stop on time. Hmmm, what to do....? Oh, maybe I can run around the other side of this block and meet the bus before it reaches that last stop! Ok!.... Ok, maybe not. I've never done this before, and gambling with time on a workday is probably not the best idea. Hmmm. Aww, forget it. I'll go buy an umbrella and hope that Family Mart has more than just individual chocolates.

*Walking through the mud puddles, passing people with umbrellas who stare at me until I catch them staring.* Success! Family Mart has all of what I need! Why couldn't I have just done this last night?! Why am I plotting ways to beat a bus to its stop? I could be on the bus already? Oh, well, anyways. Look at the time. It should be arriving in this area soon.

Crap, I'm waiting on the wrong street! It's the next one over! Oh, but there's still time. It should be at my original bus stop right now. Guess I should run just in case.

Yes, this is the right street. I remember those exercise thingies in that park-looking place. Where is the bus? Where is the bus? Oh, look! A bus!

Not my bus. .... Not my bus either. That one's going in the wrong direction. Hmmm.

...The bus is not coming. It should be passing my school right now. I should be on that bus, but it never came. Le sigh. Taxi!

Oh, but the taxi is a story within itself. This taxi driver didn't know where my school was located. He drove around asking people if he was going the right way, using my phone to call people for directions. I didn't know how to tell him "It's ok. I can get out. Don't worry about it." I didn't know how to tell him, "Oh well it's just down this street. Just go straight forever and turn here at the fork in the road." Actually, I have learned some of the words in those sentences, but to say them casually in a sentence is beyond me. Plus, I'd have to worry about when he replies with a question of his own. Eventually, this taxi driver did drop me off near my school. He apologized and I tried to reassure and thank him. He even gave me a super discount since he spent most of the trip driving in circles. I did make it to school on time, and I'm glad he made an effort to get me to my destination. He could have kicked me out and asked me to find another taxi. Or maybe he couldn't ....

'Til next time,


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